Marrickville Legal Centre offers advice in relation to family law parenting matters on Thursday evenings between 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Please see the “General Legal” page for further information.

Assistance at mediation

In addition, Marrickville Legal Centre provides legal information, advice and assistance at legally assisted dispute resolution sessions conducted at a Family Relationship Centre (FRC).

Who can access the service?

The service is available to clients of FRCs by direct referral by the FRC. There is no merit or means test for clients referred to Marrickville Legal Centre. This means that a person who wishes to access legal advice by referral from their FRC is able to regardless of their income or type of family law problem.

How to access the service

Clients who have given permission to their FRC practitioner to provide their contact details to Marrickville Legal Centre, will be contacted by Marrickville Legal Centre staff and arrangements made for an initial, face to face appointment or over the phone advice.